What’s the cost – a summary

For basic ecommerce stores we use WooCommerce . WooCommerce itself is free. Then if you do not already have it you will need a domain name (about $25 annually), and a hosting service is needed (~$25 monthly). A theme (~$59), plugins & extensions (from $25 each) and developer fees ($75 -$95 per hour).


Of course, you may not need all these features that we mention in this article so the WooCommerce cost may vary, but it will give you a good idea what you should consider. You’ll also realize that there’s a lot for free, but since you want to open an online store we’re supposing that it will be a serious business. In other words: when you expect a certain quality, you have to pay for it. The worst case could see you losing money, time and valuable customers, just because you tried to save a couple of dollars at the wrong end.


You’ll need website hosting with the latest version of WordPress installed on your website.

Estimated costs: ~$25 per month


You’ll need a domain selected and installed on your website.

Estimated costs: ~$25 per year


You’ll need an SSL certificate in order to provide for encrypted transaction when shoppers are using their credit and debit cards – it is the lock you see on other stores you may have used. Also, Google is all but requiring SSL or secure websites in the future – part of making the Internet more secure.

Estimated costs: ~$150.00 per year


We use Avada for our profession themes. Likely your theme is already selected and or installed. At times there may be additional charges for updates to the theme to support commerce.

Estimated costs: ~$60


There are tons of free plugins, but sometimes you’ll realize that you have to pay when you need a certain feature. It is even more important that the plugin developer keeps it up-to-date. You definitely want to avoid any downtime or vulnerability caused by an outdated plugin. These plugins will not only boost your online store but will also ensure great service quality:

Estimated costs: ~$25 – $89 for one plugin. Some charge a recurring fee, others only require a one-time payment.

Site Development

In most cases it is likely your site is already live, thus developer costs can be kept at a minimum since your site is already live and any design is already complete.You will need to allocate for setup, layout. testing and training if any.

Estimated costs: To Be Determined

We look forward to discussing your specific needs, please contact one of our Business Development Managers today.