Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting, well operates in the cloud. A slice of a computer and data center managed through our internal control panel. All DNS, hosting and email functions are manageable and appear dedicated.

Cloud computing makes available massive storage and compute capacity over the Internet with the ability to rapidly grow should the need arise.

Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows.

Get on the cloud…

Let us development a completely new site using responsive website technology, or simply let us transfer your existing site to our partners cloud service.
Transfer Services
Our professionals will migrate all of your sites and emails and ensure everything is working properly on your new server
Complete Migration
As you direct, we will transfer all website, email and databases files, including all associated files and databases, from one of your old hosting accounts to one with us.
Expedited Service
We prioritize your website migration so all files are relocated to your Veara account quickly.
Uninterrupted transition
Our specialists thoroughly understand the website transfer process and specialize in delivering seamless migrations.
Complete Review
Once migrated, you review your websites to verify that all is functioning as expected.