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Synchronize Content automatically

If you are familiar with Dropbox, now you can use this type of technology but take it a step further. Create and update catalogs, product and image data via API’s to the Amazon and EBay Marketplaces, move SQL data to be analyzed, update websites from an ERP system or simply move content such as data, images, PDF’s can do it all.

The Challenge of Synchronization

Synchronization is simple in theory, it is the process of copying the correct set of data between two or more participants (such as computers, devices, or services) at the appropriate time. It can be difficult in practice. Difficulties include the following: integrating different types of data; detecting and resolving conflicts; working with participants of different capabilities, or participants that require different subsets of data; and handling unreliable networks. Synchronization can be crucial to a company’s success. can integrate any application, any data from any store using any protocol over any network

Custom Example

100,000 items from a drop-ship supplier need to be put into your catalog and kept up to date. Two times a day you will need to update all items for price and availability automatically, plus you want search engine link integrity – you need


Available now – Using Bigcommerce’s API’s Synchroniz is able to create and update Bigcommerce catalogs within minutes. No more importing and exporting to keep your catalog up to date, no more concerns about SEO validations – simply sign into your Synchroniz Portal, drag and drop your catalog spreadsheet and related images – minutes later your catalog is available with the latest updates for your customers.

  • Drag and drop data for catalog creation
  • Automatic catalog updates
  • Microsoft Excel compatible
  • All basic fields available
  • Simple, fast and dependable
  • Multiple image uploads available

Drag and drop your Microsoft Excel based Bigcommerce store update using our Portal together with multiple images and seconds later your store will be updated.